Chiropractic Advice for Pregnant Women

Young pregnant woman holding her hands on her back
Young pregnant woman holding her hands on her back

The chiropractic care focus is in the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal and nervous system to bring about optimum functioning of all of the body systems. At the core of the chiropractic treatment is the correction of misalignments or subluxations in the spine, through which, the communications between the brain and all of the body’s systems and organs are conveyed. This treatment involves manipulative adjustments in the spine and surrounding structures. No drugs or surgery are used.

Pregnant women are among the groups of people seeking healthcare that chiropractors give special attention and care to. The physiological and endocrinological changes to an expectant mother’s body such as protruding abdomen, changes in the pelvis, increased back curve and postural adaptations lead to increased risks of misaligned spine or joints and misaligned pelvis or decreased pelvic balance. A misaligned spine can bring all sorts of problems with the body functions. A misaligned pelvis has serious implications, including the restriction of available room for the developing baby and the risk of non-normal delivery.

Chiropractic Tips for Pregnant Women

What do chiropractors advise pregnant women to do for a healthier pregnancy?


Instead of the usual three large meals in a day, eat small meals every four to five hours to avoid hunger nausea. Eat foods rich in carbohydrates and protein. Keep crackers in your bag or desk drawer to stave off hunger and its negative effects.

Take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid supplement a day before and during pregnancy. This is helpful in decreasing the risk of neural tube birth defects like spina bifida. Before taking any vitamin or herbal supplement though, check with your doctor.


Try safe exercise during pregnancy. Do this three times a week to strengthen your muscles and prevent discomfort. Do stretching before and after the exercise. Check with your doctor before starting with your exercise especially if you are not into regular exercise before your pregnancy.

Walking, stationary cycling and swimming are relatively safe as they do not require bouncing or jerking movements. Exercise no more than 15 minutes at a time.

Exercise should be stopped immediately if you notice any abnormalities or symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, nausea, dizziness, weakness, and increased palpitations or increased swelling.

General Health and Safety

Get plenty of rest. Take a a nap if you are tired. Lie down, elevating your feet when you need a break. Ask for help when you need it.

Wear flat comfortable shoes. Avoid high heels to prevent exacerbation of postural imbalances.
Avoid picking heavy objects up, if possible. When you have to pick up something from the floor, bend from the knees, and not from the waist.

Sleep on your side putting a pillow between your knees. This allows blood to flow unobstructed, helps kidneys function effectively, while taking the pressure off your lower back.

Maintain proper posture especially while working on the computer for long hours. Make your workstation ergonomic.

Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women

Chiropractors have special trainings in providing care for expectant mothers from pre-natal to post-natal stage. The particular areas of health care they provide pregnant women are in:

Spinal adjustments – This is done to to correct subluxations and bring normal functions to the pregnant women’s bodies, bring balance in the pelvis and in the reduction or elimination of pain, particularly lower back pain.
Nutrition – Pregnant women are given guidance on nutrition to boost the mother’s and baby’s health.
Exercise – A program of physical exercises is prescribed to work the muscles out and strengthen and condition the would-be mother for the delivery.

Ergonomic advice – Advice on ergonomic aspect of the pregnant woman’s office and home work is given and to enhance the mother’s posture and prevent pain in her body such as back pain, neck pain and leg pain.
Post-childbirth examination and treatment – These activities are to restore the mother’s body and functions to their pre-delivery state and also help sustain the mother’s general health.

Take it from the professionals who are experts on chiropractic healthcare. Follow their advice and avail of chiropractic care to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.