Diapers and Babies: Doing Away with Rashes


Keeping your baby’s behind smooth, healthy, and rash-free can be a real challenge when it is constantly covered with a nappy which could be wet in no time at all. However well we care for babies, the rashes just somehow find their way into the baby’s behind.

A baby’s diaper rash can range from ordinary redness to infections, inflammation, and sores. For your baby, this simple itch and soreness can be extremely irritating.

How to Deal with Your Baby’s Rashes

Diaper rash is best prevented by keeping your baby always dry and clean. This means changing diapers – whether cloth or disposable – as soon as it is wet or dirty as moisture can aid in the development of bacteria that may develop into a rash. This also means cleaning your baby and washing diapers properly. The following are easy to-do tips to help keep your baby rash-free:

Wash your baby thoroughly with clean lukewarm water when your baby wets or dirties himself. It may not be necessary to always use soap, no matter how mild, as this may encourage irritation, especially since you will be doing this more than 10 times a day. Remember that baby’s skin is milder than the average and that constant exposure to chemicals, perfume and other irritants can lead to the formation of rashes.

Before changing diapers, make sure the baby is dry. It is also advisable to apply a waterproofing layer of ointment or cream. However, test the creams carefully first before using it to make sure that your baby’s skin will not yield any allergic reactions.

Carefully wash, rinse, and if possible, sterilize cloth diapers. Rinse thoroughly as remaining laundry soap residue could also cause rashes. Avoid using fabric conditioners and ironing aids as these could contain harsh perfumes and chemicals.

Researches have also revealed that breastfeeding can help protect your baby against many allergic reactions, including diaper rash. Moreover, the stools of breast-fed babies have been found to be generally less irritating to the baby’s skin.

The change in weather can also affect the baby’s skin’s reaction to the air around him. Make sure to apply safe and gentle baby cream and moisturizer to your baby after every bath and before going to sleep to prevent any skin irritation.

However, when rashes start developing, it is advisable to supplement your usual cream with a special soak containing two to three drops of lavender oil. The scent of lavender is calming and this encourages the development of new skin cells. This stimulates faster healing of rashes and sores. Soak your baby in the morning and in the evening.