Turning Breech Baby through Chiropractic Care


A breech position is when the position of the baby is presented in a way in which the head is towards the mother’s breast, while the feet are towards the vaginal opening. This, in childbirth delivery operation, is considered by many as a pregnancy problem as it would entail undergoing a C-section because you cannot pull a baby by his or her feet.

Until the seventh month of pregnancy, it is normal for a developing baby to be in a breech or head-up position. After this time period, any position other than the head-down (vertex) is a great concern. It is a challenge for a possible vaginal birth and also presents irregular stressors on the baby.

Only four percent of all pregnancies from 38 to 42 weeks involve breech presentations. The causes for this situation are varied. A structurally altered or positioned pelvis is an obvious possibility. Poor development of the bone and joints and severe deficiency in vitamin D , or rickets, uterine abnormalities, multiple births, placenta previa, too much amniotic fluid or fetal abnormalities like anencephaly or hydrocephaly are some of the common causes of breeched presentations.

In the 1990’s, normal delivery for breeched babies are still common. This changed from 2003, when almost all hospitals mandated that caesarian section be performed for breeched babies. Almost 100% of all breech-positioned babies now employ caesarian section. There are still midwives who are skilled in breech presentations and may still offer assistance in normal vaginal births. Women should be informed that there are options in the prevention and treatment of breeched conditions, both invasive and non-invasive.

Chiropractic Care for Breeched Presentations

The use of the Webster Technique can help with the positioning of the baby. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association describes the Webster technique as a chiropractic adjustment hat reduces nerve system interference and balances the mother’s pelvic muscles, as well as ligaments. This results to reduced torsion in the uterus, which is identified as a cause of the baby’s intra-uterine constraint, allowing fetal positioning necessary to prepare for a safer and easier birth.

An 82% success rate of breech-positioned babies turning their head down when the Webster technique is utilized has been reported in a few studies.

The Chiropractic Pediatric Association currently strongly suggests that women undergo chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy period for a healthy pelvic function in the neuro-biomechanical aspect. It is found to be a safe and effective technique throughout pregnancy and has a huge impact in natural childbirth.

The National Institutes of Health taskforce on Cesarean Childbirth is of the stand that women with breech presentation do not require cesarean section birth. It considers as a reasonable option vaginal delivery under certain conditions especially when the doctor or midwife is well experienced in this type of birth.

A doctor of chiropractic employing the Webster technique working in collaboration with an experienced midwife or medical doctor on vaginal delivery for breech-positioned baby will most certainly be a much safer and reasonable option.